Beverages Revenue Optimisation

Do you know every beverage outlets over pour 20% spirit & beer
they decided to cash it, 40,000 spouts and still counting

Bar Automation  – Key Features

  • 100% accuracy
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly sales reports
  • Mobile application for remote monitoring
  • Integration with third party application
  • Easy Installation & configuration
  • Minimum to zero infrastructure cost
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly sales reports

The beverage tracking solution is comprised of a set of wireless pour spouts linked to powerful cloud-based software that analyzes liquor usage and provides meaningful business intelligence.Up to 30% of bar liquor & beer goes missing. Even careful bartenders have trouble pouring consistently to the established property standards, which affects the customer experience and the bottom line. Managers have no effective way of measuring or managing bartender behavior. The video, secret shoppers, and audits are costly. Pour control solutions impair the customer experience. And inventory control systems add labor to the process.

Measuring Success
We connect operations with management and owners, using wireless spouts, a receiver, and software to measure liquor pouring and drive efficiency improvement.

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