Beverages Revenue Optimisation

Do you know every beverage outlets over pour 20% spirit & beer
they decided to cash it, 40,000 spouts and still counting

Bar Automation  – Key Features

  • 100% accuracy
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly sales reports
  • Mobile application for remote monitoring
  • Integration with third party application
  • Easy Installation & configuration
  • Minimum to zero infrastructure cost
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly sales reports

Top Reasons to Implement Smart Parking Management System

Parking Management System is prime requirement in almost all metropolitan cities of the world. It is necessary for every vehicle owner to park his or her car in a secure designated parking slot available. To escalate this problem there is a need of integrated and sophisticatedly developed parking management systems, which offers full-fledged parking services. Smart Parking involves the use of low cost sensors, real-time data and applications that allow users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots. The goal is to automate and decrease time spent manually searching for the optimal parking floor, spot and even lot. Some solutions will encompass a complete suite of services such as online payments, parking time notifications and even car searching functionalities for very large lots.

Graydient – Artificial Intelligence for Security & Risk Management

Giant Gray’s Graydient is the First Cognitive Neurolinguistics Artificial Intelligence (AI) System for Security & Risk Management.

The Graydient platform has applications for industrial (Graydient-S for SCADA/ICS), physical security and surveillance (Graydient-V for Video Analytics), cyber security environments (Graydient-C for Cyber Security), and forensics (Graydient- F for SCADA Forensic historical data analysis)

Giant Gray and Tablix Technology have teamed up to offer the unique Graydient portfolio of multi-sensor analytic products to identify potential threats in real time for the GCC region.

Improve your building efficiency with building automation systems

Do you want to save money on the maintenance and administrative of your properties – all while improving property values? Of course you do! Recent studies have shown that building automation systems (BAS) can create an average savings of 18% for property managers, and that’s just an average. The skilled re-engineering of properties may be able to increase these operational and utility cost savings by even more. BAS solutions create comfortable, safe, efficient, and above all cost-effective property management solutions.

Know, how a store’s security camera can be an intelligence tool- The Heatmap Technology

In an age of geolocation, customers and companies have never been more in tune. Companies have become more interested than ever about a consumer’s whereabouts and customers have been more willing than ever to share this data for better deals.

However, a new conversation is taking place between consumer location and company insight, and it is happening in the store, using security camera images to generate heat maps of a shop’s layout and translate the data onto a dashboard.The dashboards use existing store cameras to conduct customer counting, measure occupancy and dwell, generate heatmap, pathmap and traffic visualizations, alongside a comprehensive set of reporting and data integration tools.

Interactive Wayfinding Solution

Help your staff and visitors get where they’re going with engaging touchscreen wayfinding maps and directories.

When people visit your facility, you want to make a good impression by greeting and guiding them from the moment they step through the doors.

Use convenient digital displays as self-service kiosks with interactive wayfinding maps and directories to help visitors navigate your building or campus. We’ll help you provide your audience with detailed directions in a rich, intuitive format using touchscreen technology.

Guest Room Management System

The system manages different scenarios in each guest room, including welcome, living and sleeping settings.Lighting, temperature and curtains can be controlled to suit the activity of the occupant. Settings can either be adjusted in the room by the guest or centrally via the hotel management system.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Behind every outstanding technology, there is always a greater humane need.

In our modern life, with hundreds of tools, devices and “things” that we are constantly using in our daily activities, we struggle to maintain the focus necessary to make the dozens of decisions required to take advantage of all the things around us.

The need to ease our lives and enhance our experiences becomes more crucial every day. With an increasing number of daily tasks filling the time we’ve saved elsewhere, it becomes harder and harder to pay attention to even the simplest of details. Thus, negligence becomes seemingly inevitable and unavoidable. Luckily, technology and innovation intervene to further ease our challenges and transform complexity into simplicity, and chaos into well-being.

When we talk about “the next big thing”- It’s the introduction of IoT.

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