Graydient – Artificial Intelligence for Security & Risk Management

Giant Gray’s Graydient is the First Cognitive Neurolinguistics Artificial Intelligence (AI) System for Security & Risk Management.

The Graydient platform has applications for industrial (Graydient-S for SCADA/ICS), physical security and surveillance (Graydient-V for Video Analytics), cyber security environments (Graydient-C for Cyber Security), and forensics (Graydient- F for SCADA Forensic historical data analysis)

Giant Gray and Tablix Technology have teamed up to offer the unique Graydient portfolio of multi-sensor analytic products to identify potential threats in real time for the GCC region.

BRS Labs, a leader in artificial intelligence security solutions, has become Giant Gray, in a move that signifies an expansion from traditional security management into the realm of predictive risk management.  The company’s products are powered by a multi-sensor artificial intelligence engine that learns anomalous behavior and alerts users to a broad and growing set of threats.


Not surprising.  This is new territory.  The use of these “artificial intelligence” tools to identify potential risks, anomalies and threats is a new frontier in real-time risk management.

Here’s another way to say it:

This is a system that recognizes patterns. It learns what is normal, and tells you when things on your video surveillance system, SCADA control system, and / or your IT network are not looking normal.

Graydient studies the data from video surveillance, SCADA and data networks over a period of time, and can then request an operator’s attention when something abnormal seems to be happening.  It flags these behaviors in real time.

Because the application identifies data as it streams in, risk and loss can be avoided more proactively than ever before.  Giant Gray makes a video analytics version for security surveillance systems; a SCADA analytics (Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition) version for industrial, energy and utility applications; and a Cyber Security version for enterprise networks.

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