Improve your building efficiency with building automation systems

Do you want to save money on the maintenance and administrative of your properties – all while improving property values? Of course you do! Recent studies have shown that building automation systems (BAS) can create an average savings of 18% for property managers, and that’s just an average. The skilled re-engineering of properties may be able to increase these operational and utility cost savings by even more. BAS solutions create comfortable, safe, efficient, and above all cost-effective property management solutions.

Air Conditioning
Every UAE property manager knows that air conditioning is one of the largest expenses of a property. Through automation, timing, analysis, and advanced controls, air conditioning solution can be optimized and maintained through a building automation systems. BAS solutions are able to identify the most efficient ways to heat and cool a property, and are able to control and fine-tune the heating and cooling on a schedule or based on the environment and current temperatures. As an example, building automation can be programmed to turn off cooling in common areas automatically when the temperature is within a certain acceptable range.

Security and Access Control
Building automation can be used to reduce the amount of security staff necessary on-site, by prioritizing issues of safety to staff members and automating less important features, such as access to gyms or night-time elevator controls. Building automation can also be used to improve upon existing security, for the comfort and safety of tenants, by automating stricter controls during peak risk hours.

Administration and Maintenance
In addition to utility costs, building automation systems also vastly reduce administrative and maintenance costs. BAS will improve upon the efficiency of systems such as HVAC solutions, thereby reducing wear and the need for repairs and maintenance. BAS solutions also create consolidated reporting, alerts, and dashboards, so that property managers have an always-on assisting and reporting mechanism for their properties. Many inspections and check-ins can instead be replaced by a quick dashboard check, thereby saving on administrative time, and property managers are able to react to issues more effectively.
If you’re currently re-engineering your facility — or simply trying to find ways to improve upon the efficiency of your properties — contact Tablix to learn more about building automation systems today. Building automation systems will improve upon the administrative costs and the efficiency of your property, in addition to keeping tenants happy and property values high.