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Tablix is an organization of experienced and certified professionals who are motivated to serve the customer first. Tablix’s vision is to deliver value added and technologically advanced products and services to our clients. We have the ability to build and customize specific requirements to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in line with industry standards.

Tablix has always provided its customers with superior support which translate to: technical and professional services, improved uptime, increased productivity and investment protection. Tablix keeps its customers updated on the latest technology trends along with recommendations of their benefits to improve bottom and top lines.

Based on the above, Tablix has completed major projects in the Middle East region, in major sectors and having high profile clients in every vertical.


ICT is penetrating at a fast pace into hospitality sector by integrating the hotel operation; reshaping the marketing function; improving total efficiency; providing tools for marketing research and partnership building; enhancing customer services while providing strategic opportunities. Consumers increasingly expect ICT-enabled communications and interactions before, during, and after their visit. Restaurant & Hotel, operators will be unable to perform their operations profitability without using technology extensively. The emergent ICT provide unprecedented opportunities for hospitality organizations, as they assist the promotion of properties to a wide range of institutional and individual buyers around the world. Carefully planned ICT infrastructure is increasingly recognized as a means of achieving competitive advantage for the hospitality industry.

Our Solutions

Tablix offers simple, efficient, intelligent, flexible and seamless solutions for the hospitality industry.
  • Electronic Security systems
  • Barriers, Blockers and Bollards systems
  • Hotel Room and Suites – environment controls, touch panels, remote controls, lighting keypads, and electronic restaurant menus
  • Hotel Interactive Television Systems
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms - state-of-the-art integrated, paperless meeting / conference rooms with electronic white boards, high lumen projectors, motorized curtain controls and screens, intelligent lighting systems, wide screen plasma /LCD monitors, and audio-video systems
  • Restaurants and Nightclubs - touch panels to control and automate entertainment displays, distributing audio or video, HVAC, and lighting, control lighting presets, entertainment stages or karaoke areas, and audio / video entertainment, sound reinforcement systems based on acoustic modelling for nightclubs and conference centres, stage drapery, architectural lighting control systems
  • Lighting control systems
  • Energy Management Systems
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Ideal for any retailer, Tablix's suite of solutions allows you to appeal directly to your customers on any store level or point of purchase. Provide dynamic content appropriate for targeted clientele; control and automate audio, video, security, and environmental systems automatically across store levels and multiple properties; instantly update and customize marketing messages. Use digital public address systems for site-wide background music and audio paging from multiple sources at different locations and in different zones of your shopping mall. Help customers locate an empty parking space or parked vehicles in minutes with our parking management solutions.
  • Security - surveillance, wireless, and ingress-egress control systems
  • Burglar Alarm systems
  • Electronic Article Surveillance / Anti-Theft Alarm systems
  • In-Store Analytics systems
  • Sales Data Capture, Loyalty & Promotions systems
  • PoS integration for shrinkage systems
  • Dynamic Signage systems
  • Background Music and Paging Systems
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
With Tablix's solutions at every step, a single visit becomes more than just a shopping trip - it becomes an experience of its own.
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A seamless teaching environment where students and faculty have access to information quickly and effortlessly – where the focus is on the teaching and not the juggling of the various technologies. Usher in intelligent education technology that enables, supports, and enhances the learning experience.
  • Distance Learning Solutions
  • Collaborative Learning Environment Solutions
  • Language Lab Solutions
  • Dynamic Digital Signage Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Auditorium Systems
  • Security - surveillance, wireless, and ingress-egress control systems
  • Behavioural Recognition / Situational Awareness systems
  • Perimeter Security systems
  • Intruder Alarm systems
  • Vehicle monitoring & Tracking systems
  • Energy Management Systems
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Health Care

Our engineers have been responsible in design, implementation, commissioning and integration of IT infrastructure and systems for healthcare facilities and state of the art hospitals. ICT has become integral to the medical profession – comprising multiple domains which encompass electronic health records, health information technology, and health information exchange including clinical decision making systems. Healthcare ICT can be leveraged to:
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Increase administrative efficiencies
  • Decrease paperwork
  • Prevent medical errors
  • Expand access to affordable care
  • Improve health care quality

Our Solutions

We, at Tablix, can offer any or more of the following ICT related services.
  • Horizontal or vertical integration of imaging systems, clinical decision support systems, medical transcription / voice recognition systems, telephony, audio visual and mobility solutions
  • IT Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of training and meeting room facility systems
  • Security systems design and implementation
  • Healthcare IT system selection
  • Electronic Document Management systems
  • Tele-Health and Home Monitoring
  • Real Time Location Systems
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Detailed design of complex healthcare IT systems
  • Integration and development of existing systems
  • Full auditing of existing systems
  • Energy Management systems
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Banking & Finance

Banking and financial institutions have the longest standing need for physical security of any industry. Large amounts of cash are clearly the primary attraction for the criminal element. Banks and credit unions are prime targets for theft, both internally and externally. We always need to customize a solution to protect your employees, visitors, financial operations and data from unwanted intruders. Tablix understands that you face unique challenges and can limit your vulnerability to risks by addressing the following items;
  • Security Systems- Surveillance, Access Control, Burglar Alarm
  • IT & Networking
  • Ingress-egress control systems
  • Behavioural Recognition / Situational Awareness systems
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Procedure Compliance
  • Energy Management systems
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Enterprise / Corporate

Tablix's suite of corporate solutions gives you the business tools for optimized day-to-day communication and activities. As a business using Tablix's solutions you will benefit from enhanced communication between internal and external audiences, increased efficiency, creation of a more effective learning environment, and saved time and money through increased efficiency. Tablix's suite of solutions integrates to work for specific requirements - maximizing productivity and increasing efficiency. Efficient state-of-the-art, hi-tech and yet simple.

Our Solutions

  • Board / Conference / Meeting / Presentation Rooms - state-of-the-art integrated, paperless meeting / conference rooms with electronic white boards, high lumen projectors, motorized curtain controls and screens, intelligent lighting systems,
  • Wide screen plasma / LCD monitors, and audio-video systems
  • Digital Signage System
  • Security Systems
  • IT & Networking
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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry needs to maintain the maximum standards of safety and at the same time, it has a challenging operational drive for continuous production of oil and gas. Tablix is equipped with the technology, the industry requires in order to get the most out of oil and gas production while minimizing the risks to safety and the environment. Hence, our approach is to offer creative but realistic and practical solutions through the knowledge and capability of consultants qualified in the field of ergonomics or human factors, health and safety and psychology. By involving and engaging the users at the sharp end, we gain the benefit of their skill and expertise. Tablix also caters to the specialized telecommunications and surveillance needs of this sector by providing turnkey solutions and technical assistance.
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Power & Water Utilities

The need for power continues to grow even though we try to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of energy generation. In the near future, we are looking at fully digitalized control rooms for power plants. At Tablix, we work to ensure usability, effective operations and how to minimize errors. Tablix has its core experience in the ergonomic design of control rooms. We have a highly qualified team who uses their skills and expertise in delivering a safe and organized working environment for our operators who have important responsibilities and duties to fulfill. Our human factors based theory to assessment and design can ensure the power plants of the future to reduce the risk of human error and are also operable to deliver the financial and power generation performance that is needed. Tablix offers telecommunication systems and services and ensures an end to end solution that takes care of all the necessary communication needs of its customers.
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Due to an increase in urbanisation, population and car ownership, there is a huge impact on the road transport network as well as the railway industry. The challenge is to respond effectively and improve the efficiency of the transport system without having a negative impact on the total travel time and fuel consumption. In order to solve this challenge, we need to understand human behaviour and how it influences the control of the roads and traffic. The use of intelligent transport technologies is the key to improving traffic management. The issue with these systems is the interface with a human operator in the control room. At Tablix, we improve this interaction on the basis of when, how and what information should be presented. We have experts who can design ergonomically proved control rooms and centres. The transportation sector relies on advanced communications networks for its increasingly complex operations and Tablix is only very happy to be a part of this technological advancement by enabling this sector to make use of the best communications and surveillance solutions for highways and railways.
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Government & Defence

The defence sector provides critical services to our country. We need them to act upon situations spontaneously and without error. In order to provide these services to us, they need to work effectively as an organization and efficiently use their technology. Errors are not an option in this industry and hence the right approach to designing control centres which respond and mobilise resources will help save lives. Therefore, every element needs to be designed around the operators and staff and the processes and tasks they undertake. When considering technology for call handling, mobilisation and management, we make sure that this is designed to meet those user requirements and displays information in a usable manner. Control rooms need to be designed so that the working environment will be suitable to reflect information flows and team working. We also provide a work space that is effective, safe but is also uplifting and engaging and exhibits the quality of the organization. Tablix possesses the expertise to provide advanced design implementations in terms of telecommunication, surveillance, access control, perimeter security as well as using standardised products and integration with defense-specific network elements.
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Real Estate

Tablix possesses the expertise to provide consultancy, design & implementation services in terms of most of the Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems used in a residential or commercial property, which typically includes Security, Audio Visuals, IT & Networking, Cabling etc…
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Large Venues

Homes are havens of comfort, serenity, and security – a refuge from the outside world. Tablix’s suite of intelligent home and estate solutions take the simple house to a whole new level – making it not just comfortable but safer, convenient, and automated.
  • Distributed Audio and Video Systems
  • Automated Doors, Entryways, and Gates
  • Unified Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Remote Access to Whole Home Systems
  • Lighting Control Solutions
  • Environmental Controls
  • Personalized Sequence of Events
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Hi-end Home Theater Solutions
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Case Studies

what we have done

Tablix has completed major projects in every major market segment locally, regionally and globally in Hospitality, Education, Media & Communication, Government, Banking & Finance, Multinational Corporations, Retail and Logistics Sectors. Tablix always ensure that customer projects give them the business benefit they require. We start the process very early on with full transparency; our Customers First attitude was and remains our priority.