Whether planning, engineering, implementing, training, managing or service, Tablix is your trusted and competent partner in providing best-of-breed systems, solutions and operational recommendations to exceed your mission objectives.

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Our service standards describe the level of service excellence we aim to deliver

Tablix brings together industry experts to deliver comprehensive, innovative, reliable, and cost-effective services. We offer wide variety of innovative solutions to make your investment future proof and secure. Our unique portfolio and array of services helps us operate under the required engagement model for a project.


Tablix’s core conceptual engineering, consultancy and FEED work expertise helps clients to develop and define their telecommunication requirements and establish the criteria of achieving these requirements.


As a turnkey technology integrator, detailed engineering design work is one of the many capabilities and deliverables to our clients. Tablix’s projects are engineered to cover every aspect related to the project in terms of drawings, design reports and design calculations. Each opportunity is assigned to a highly skilled engineering design team comprising of certified experts from each domain. Additionally, to support the design teams, a dedicated CAD/CAM design centre equipped with CAD/CAM software and workstations produce design drawings in accordance to client standards.

Project Management

At Tablix, we have highly experienced and certified Project management team which is disciplined with the key principles of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and serves clients with standards that describe good practices, globally recognized. Project Managers approach relevant projects with lean, iterative, incremental, and phased approach. They handle both internal and external project scheduling, budgeting, and coordination using a wide range of software and PM applications. Our project managers are certified in relevant domains of expertise to be more confident at work and more competitive in the job market.


Tablix takes on the responsibilities of the complete project life cycle. Our technical team handles on-site installation and commissioning activities, including system training as required. Our technical team is highly skilled, motivated and well accustomed to the nature and the environment of the sectors we operate in. We can deploy our team globally to provide the vital support necessary for our clients’ requirements.

System Integration

Tablix operates a dedicated custom integrated Centre equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to assemble, interconnect and integrate systems based on approved engineering designs. In addition, our integration centre is fully equipped to stage full scale factory acceptance tests (FATs) and system Integration Tests (SIT) witnessed by our client prior to the shipment of the equipment to project site.

Managed Service

With our unique systems technical knowledge, practical experience and plant familiarization on projects, we are in a perfect position to provide engineering maintenance services. This benefits our clients not only from the perspective of predictable costs for support but also from the point of view of access to expertise of the respective domain experts.


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Using the most recent communication technologies, we provide reliable connectivity for critical applications across distributed facilities.

Product re-engineering solutions is our motive, enabling our clients achieve cost efficient product cycle.

Tablix offers scalable end-to-end solutions, products and services, catering to service providers’, who’s prerequisite for capacity, coverage and competitive edge is ever-increasing.


Today across diverse industries, the need for 3-D Display systems has grown substantially whether it be for complex visualization or whether it be state of the art experience centres. Visualization today has ever-expanding applications in science, education, engineering (e.g., product visualization), interactive multimedia, medicine and many other sectors.

Tablix has the capability to provide 3-D display systems that cater to every need along with the backend infrastructure and processing capabilities to ensure that the client has a complete system capable of being a complete solution.

Control Room Solutions

We have vast experience of different types of control rooms and operation centres, and therefore we are able to add extensive input to the different planning stages for each individual customer, in a short period of time.

We have designed control rooms of varying size, and this has given us many satisfied customers. Our experience in combination with customer requirements creates ergonomically functional and aesthetically well-designed solutions. Long-term planning is highly important in a control room, given that organisation and technologies are subject to constant change and considering the criticality and 24×7 operations.

Technology is an excellent tool, but success lies in the capability of utilising it in the most efficient way. We always focus on the operator when planning our control room.

Retail Solutions

Today’s retail reality demands that brick-and-mortar stores no longer compete on location, product, price, and availability alone. They must also provide a better customer experience. For addressing this challenge retailers are rapidly adopting various technology systems to gain deeper insights about shoppers at the door and throughout the store or mall.

Tablix partnership with leading manufactures, provides Traffic Counting and Conversion, People Path tracking, Queue Management, Sales Data Capture tools, In-Store Analytics, Liquor Management etc… to meet the growing demands of Retail.

Our solutions boost Revenues, Sales productivity, Optimize staffing and Achieve industry leading accuracy.

By transforming the way retailers measure their performance, Tablix has become the leading in-store analytics provider in the region.

Energy Management Solutions

Renewable energy is an attractive alternative in today’s environmentally conscious global economy. Many companies insist that the supplier and vendors demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Energy from renewable sources can help cut your greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Tablix assists companies in determining whether renewable energy is a viable option. We as an independent provider of energy management services, uniquely qualified to help your company identify, prioritize and implement strategies that will conserve energy, lower utility bills and improve your bottom line. We also help develop and implement renewable energy projects.

Our expert team of analyst, engineers and specialists know how to optimize your energy usage. We will help you identify conservation opportunities, maximize utility rebates, access free or low-cost energy services and even produce carbon credits.

Our Renewable Energy generation options include Solar power, Wind Power, Biofuel power generation using gasifiers, Plasma or Microwave technology.

Software Solutions

We market, develop, and support business software that automates business processes.

Our product range includes:

  • Open Source ERP
  • Business Intelligence Application
  • Employee Tracking Application
  • Task Management Application
  • Project Management Application
  • Fleet Management Application
  • Help Desk Application
  • Security Management Application

Our purpose is to help the customers run their businesses more efficiently, helping them to gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes. With the benefit of local understanding and insight, we provide software and services that are relevant, practical and useful for the demands of today’s small and medium sized businesses.

All products that we offer are open source, highly customizable according to specific needs of the customer and have reliable support package included.


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“Please accept Extern’s sincere thanks to your team in completing the equipment for the project with such enthusiasm and quality. Tablix has managed to service our request with high quality ensuring contribution to an extremely aggressive delivery schedule. Extern had great pleasure in working with your dedicated, knowledgeable and efficient staff and we look forward to working with you again.”